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I am not renewing any of the hundreds of million dollar domains below over the course of 2022. They are all about $20 each to register if any of you want to register a million dollar domain for about US$20 or US$40 when they expire. I am not mad. I have my reasons. Saving UK£294 every month for ever and a day is one of them. I got most of them for about US$1.99 first year special discount offer anyway so there is not everything lost from the venture. My trust fund launderers are unlikely to pay because they want me dead. That's Offshore Jersey for you. It seems like life is just a load of old bollocks after all just like Johnny Rotten said in the '70s. After inheriting aged 15 then it took me a full 12 years to get a 30,000 house deposit for a mortgage after it took me 5 years to get a nominal 5,000 payment for a business startup partnership franchise. I never got anything else. They laundered absolutely everything. Only one domain per person though if that is Ok? The approx value evidence is all at the foot of this page. Was Google named after the Barney Google song Fire Chief? Do the Google trademark IP rights belong to the song composer from years back in 1923? You read it first here Ok? Think your own thoughts not mine. Seems to have ended up as my own private social network page this with people getting back to me in the street and the bars and cafes. Current news from the Latino ex Cop in one of my bars is about a bust billionaire, one Russian billionaire suicide in Sicily, and another who topped his family before then topping himself. After reading what Goody had to say about HIS great train robbery I think the ex centenear cop was lying to try to scare people. They get ex cops to do it all to get around PACE I think. It's not harassment then. Boris thinks the war could last till the end of next year the press have said. Whatever you think about him people like that they are usually better informed than you or me. Cameron seems to have organized the sale of Chelsea unless I read it wrong. Most of the world needs denatzification I think. Enough said. The ex centenear thought all millionaires are arrogant but that adjective seems to be standard catch all Police training for pretty much anything they can't understand in my experience, which is quite a lot. He said he worked for the Government during the week and just helped out in the bar at weekends and had no car before signing up and only did so for linguistic reasons. I told him I have known two ex cops before and he was on good ground. I have in fact personally worked for government organizations in the fields of design rights actually on the bottom lines themselves of drawing office drawings more than once. The broken bios/cmos and faucet washers are just part of my business life I have decided. Getting on the exercise bikes and doing some weights will probably sort them out eventually. Solidity developer work is the way to go I think. Remote is available. Better check LinkedIn come to think of it. Monday beckons. Ciao. Gotta wrap my eth in the wreth erc-20 contract before I can do my thing with it I have learned today. Thought I might have got too stressed by the laundry community here to learn but I was wrong thank goodness. You have got no standard functions available in the non erc-20 eth. Not surprising not much works round here at the moment. You just erc-20 function wreth back to eth after you're done I guess. There is hope, and where there is hope their is Pandora. My sister is going to be left 100% of everything. Fogarty, Robbee, Tadier, all got left out too. Why am I telling you this? The launderers are going to try and set me up and frame me again. I will spare you the case notes. My mens rea will be manipulated by them. By letting everyone know I know about being left out with 3 persuasive precedents it makes it much harder for them to set me up and frame me. Sholefield's pedal bike uses Oxford paniers. His boss Thacker went to Oxford. So did my sister. Caving & Potholing were my only ways of staying spritually connected with St Helier's cave during my my years of exile. I missed it. That was what it was like to know I could never come home because the housing regs had split up my family, or so I had been wrongly legally informed to keep me away and out of sight and out of mind of the launderers themselves. It's totally horrific what they have been doing with the American WW2 cemetery graves here over the last few weeks. Someone should tell the President really. Crosses completely removed and today even 3 foot piles of topsoil on the graves. It disturbed even me and I am a hard man. What others think I don't know. There is a job for me with the Financial Intelligence Unit in Anti Money Laundering with my hard earned crypto skills now I am more or less certain. With 200 cops here and 200 support workers there might only be 10 people in the Unit though which makes remote work with a foreign government more attractive. The FBI would do or the DoJ I guess. LinkedIn has acres of jobs though fitted in nicely with your profile I just found out so I might be just another lost cause already. There is no organization to help me out though. I have to mend my own PCs and organize my own faucet washer engineers. It's 6.20 am though and I woke up. Lets face it not everyone does. Private keys are a bit like PIN numbers and running your own big bank, but you get to know all the PIN numbers. The big danger with this job I have found over the years is the power and the money can blow your mind if you are not carefull. Fay and Colin both went bonkers with it. Not me though. I know when to gob in the bosses face and when not to. I reset a phone and did one bios/cmos set up this week already. Got to get back into home gym work. I have lost my habbit. Comimg back to windows from a linux environment is interesting. Found a 2nd reference to cops inventing an informant like Goody said on his great train robbery. This time it is a properly convicted for perjury cop in Boston ref Barker and Carter citation. Misconduct, corruption, discipline being undermined are quoted related results. Not sure where that leaves the Bailiff talking about the British in the 3rd person when he was chairing the cop complaints law debate a few weeks back. Is he claiming not to be British? Let's see if I can remember what to write you without notes. 3 crimes, 3 scams I read about recently. Furs getting dyed to look more valuable. $1000 betting slips getting booked as $10.. Houses in Spain being bought for a small check to a notary and a Samsonite full of cash. There. I remembered all 3. Being a 45 year long laundry victim I began to read crime books to find out about the other clients apart from an inheritance case like mine. I know a lot more now. It's not all drugs by any means. Things look pretty hopeless actually. The local pigs are backing all of the launderers like Scholefield, Davidson, and Clayton with every gun the have got. The local synagogue is split between launderers and outright unfair competition from the construction and landlord industries. I have considered suicide most days since I was laundered here aged 15 in the 70s so it seems unlikely I will complete. They lost the Israeli and American wars of indepenence before though. Normandy split with Offshore Jersey 800 years ago. They killed my Dad but Xerox in New York was well known to the Runyon Sales Company and they dealt in all coin op machines not only one armed bandits. They were connected to the New York Mafia who helped the Sonneborn Group export arms out the the Port of New York with Ben-Gurion for our war of independence against the British. A picture of the Q of E giving a Nazi sulute survives to this day but my sister's man wrote an official biography about her. Her pigs are the pigs fighting for my launderers. So things really are pretty hopeless. She obviously wants me to suicide as do the Privy council and the launderers. I am not sure where her Paedo Prince Andrew gets his girls from now Epstein is murdered though. On a happier note The Runyon Sales Company guy said they used to put pins in the reels of the coin-op machines to bring the payouts even lower than the payout idling screws would allow. Coin-op Xerox copiers did not have any reels. No adjustment of the jackpot was possible. I remember one in my local garage once up North. In went the coins and out came the copies. Not sure if the New York fuel scam artists did not install Xerox coin-op copiers in their gasoline outlets. That's the oil business though. My heating thermostat just clicked on. The Runyon people were a legacy of the Sonneborn Group and Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky, Bennie Seagal, Joey Bannanas and all of those Port of New York Men of Honour who let the guns, and the planes, and the arms manufacturing machines out of the country. There was no State of Israel then it has to be remembered. Only networks of synagogues and memories of Ur. It's a bit like reading from the Bimmer this. I am the only one left to tell the story now. The last known Jew of Briesen in fact. Lehitraot. Got my head rocked today. Bad move. You know who you are. Got left some Oxford pedal bike paniers to buy for 10 as a corruption offer. A little corruption leads to total power. Remember the Italian? Of course you don't. You don't even know builders gelly detonators can be fired with a standard mains voltage. Yes I bought them. Didn't get a make on you till the afternoon. But who could the failed bribe have been from? I have got a lot of enemies here, launderers, privy council, and a Q of E that wants me to suicide. Seriously thought I would take the heavily discounted paniers and keep schtum? Kevin Leech got Vignette off my Dad for patent agent services and the real estate price. A heavy discount to offload it within the island while I was still young. Words can kill though. I will leave it at that. Get a life. Ciao (Goody in his memoirs was talking about how his battery went flat once when he was opening a safe alone so he used the mains instead and got 9 grand in the early '60s). A shout out to the DEA is appropriate for arresting the BVI Prime Minister in Miami Airport. It's a nice airport actually. Nice town. Only got my New York City Bar Association dues paid yesterday in fact so it is safe for me to congratulate them. Not for everyone alas. Some people really do have to keep their secrets to the grave. Like the recipe for Coke. Still, that's industrial secrets and ip, another world, trade secrets and earning a living. Me? I bought an author signed hardback copy of the Cayman Islands Prime Minister Sir Vassel Johnson book As I See It this week. New York Police Department work is too dangerous for me now considering where I live I have decided. The New York City Bar Association should know that. No silver. No lead. Ciao. One of those islands out there, Bermuda I think, is famous for insurance I seem to remember so might well end up with all of the insurance domains I accumulated. Much like Simon Wiesenthal paid for information from his office in Vienna after the ww2 I have decided to start paying for information about all of my launderers here in Offshore Jersey. Good money too. So if you want to get your own back on any coworkers in the laundry business here you may have fallen out with over the decades just make your approach to me. Or maybe the extra money would come in handy? It is private information though that will not get any further than me because of my law qualifications. I am not the State. Just a private citizen gathering information about my launderers. This blog is widely enough read for word to get around. You can trust me not to betray you. But you could tell me for free too if you would prefer, as many of you will I suspect. Any organization can be modelled as a square matrix chopped in half by a diagonal luckily enough. So you can map one matrix into another performing an operation or boolean or whatever you want to call it. The result is when you get sent to prison you are always best advised to beat someone up on the first day. My Dad was murdered by a new crime-gang arriving in town last year. The old guard cosa nostra always used to get their initiates to murder someone really unpopular. So Morag Davidson of the RBC is now initiated into whatever this new crime gang is that has now totally controlled Offshore Jersey CI since 2021. Mi5? Mafia? Cosa nostra? Andrangheta? The Royals? Number 10? They all try and become instantly popular and accepted by knocking out a sex criminal or an informer on Day 1. My Dad was neither. Just made out to look like one. Anyway they have achieved their objective in one calendar year. Looks like I can still learn. You can use Remix IDE file explorer to sort of drill all the way in to your computer and then your sol files and dependencies appear in Remix ready for you to select an injected environment, even a test net like Ropsten, if you have got any, then hit the button. They call my Dad My Wrigley the American now because he came to a sticky end but it's been a year now so that's fair enough. Luckily enough I can kill in self defence and walk out of court when I am beaten up again the law said. I really do sincerely hope I don't get carried away when it happens next but I am only human. A bag of Morrisons popcorn in front of youtube and opening a can of tomato soup was my Saturday night. The Dapp Technology Agent Network must grow however. My thoughts are an erc-721 token off zeppelin on a Ropsten testnet hooked up to some kind of file or set of files on the IPFS. Keep going guys as you have got this far. Don't stop. I am in the remote job market already. I even noticed the CoinShares office block here today and they got written up in the FT last week. I got the name and ID of the Pro who served the papers for court of the Paedo Prince Andrew too. Ex military and ex Mi5 the FT said. A pair of pigs said they knew who I was when I went out for a walk. Might be worth getting wired with some kind of tablet device and doing them for harassment one day I guess. It's useful to know the price of an offshore PM. With 500k being the bribe sized the BVI PM just got arrested for. Ian Gorst the Chief Minister of Offshore Jersey in '16 when the under age inheritance law was changed will have taken a similar sized bribe from Scholefield, Davidson, and Clayton. The ballpark we are in is now known, as they say. The price of a house basically. Not billions, but not a few quid either. A drink in Arthur Daley language I guess and my Dad's too actually. He will be singing like a canary though the BVI PM. A lot of people will go down I think. Maybe even Ian, who will not even talk to me when I introduce myself to him in the street. The Good Mothers is a nice new book about 'ndrangheta global laundering. It's a bit depressing but very enlightening. 50/100b a year they have been stashing away it says since the turn of the millennium it says on page 17. They seem to have taken over the whole laundry industry globally in fact and have got so good at it they sub contract for East Europeans, Russians, Asians, Aftricans, and Latinos. Case cracked in a way. They must have been the people who controlled the people that killed my Dad. 70/80% of the heroin and cocaine in Europe they manage too apparently (page 16). Oh well, I am off for my health food breakfast. I have done my gym now, and have got PCs to mend. Well the motherboard fan started and the monitor light went green with no beeps or buzzes. Lupara bianca is the technical term for my Dad apparently. He always used to tell me the Q of E let it all happen here because at least it is all contained within the Empire rather that being totally out of her control. He was an offshore lawyer who got hit like many cops, politicians and judges who make the wrong choice between silver and lead. The ex centenear barman I have now claimed Kevin Leech paid only UK£1 for the junk food retail outlet's building that kills so many Burger King in St Helier much like he only paid the price of Vignette in '82 for Vignette and decades of a patent agent's life. 100 dead meant 1,000,000 to him @ 10,000 per funeral being his Manchester inherited family business until his 50s. You should all be able to work out the rest and what happens next yourselves. Arrivederci, Ciao, Sayonara, and Adieu Kelvin Bleach. I am in luck. My decisions can be made by my current circumstances. Given the Mexican cartels manage 70/80% of the American cocaine business and the 'Nrangheta 70/80% of Europe AND everyones' laundry adding up to trillions every year (page 17) a repeat of anything like the Rothschild entity buying the Suez canal at a crtical time to save the British government simply cannot happen again because there is no gold standard anymore. Bit suspicious? Not in the mood to trust anyone? Got the feeling you have been defamed as a schitsophenic by News at 10 and the BBC while you were not watching all paid for by the central cartel of Offshore Jersey Money Launderers? As I said my circumstances decide my life for the time being. On my Dad's side a very close cousin married into a family from South Italy. The mob has moved on a lot since the Sonneborn Group and the Israeli war of Independence against the British and the Runyon Sales Company and the Xerox patents. Over the water from Sicily to South Italy to be precise. So my big life decisions are made for me now. Not being Sicilian is no longer an issue to anyone in the 'Nrangheta dominated world in the 3rd decade this century of the offshore life and all of the money laundering that goes along with it. My only interest left in the law itself after my Rothschild inheritance issues is crypto currency laws and blockchain laws and solidity laws and ethereum laws etc. That will just have to do for them all. Obviously I am not happy about my Dad getting murdered, especially by the RBC, but I have read enough dependable books and lived enough life experience to be able to extrapolate from the combination the best ways on in life at critcal times both for myself and my surviving DNA family. Truth has few words as the old saying goes. Alex Perry wrote The Good Mothers about the 'Nrangheta if any of you want to buy a copy. It seems judges, lawyers, politicians, journalists, and cops and adjudicators get whacked all the time. They are not going to be happy with me saying I am only interested in my Rothschild legacy and crypto currency laws I have decided after a good night's sleep. It talks about a lawyer's assasination in Melbourne and a pizzeria in Queens delivering cocaine called Cucino a Modo Mio modo mio translating as my way for any surviving Sinatra fans like my old Hollywood film studio boss. Still, at least we have got as far as finding out it's the Calabrians who are in charge of global money laundering now and 500,000 is the price of the BVI PM. I will honestly try and continue my research for any remaining vital clues of evidence either way but I don't think I will find enough. Slipping the present Chief Minister here who the local paper said is standing for re-election about 500,000 might save a few of my DNA family's lives is my present philosophical conclusion as 1,000,000 would be too much and 10,000 might be too little. Word on the street is both I am a cop and that I am being handled. Well that is a contradiction. Handled means handlers ie you are a grass. A cop that's grassing? Get a life Bailiff. This site went down today for a bit but it was nothing to worry about just me making a simple error that I have made before. This was the big weekend we concluded it's the 'Nrangheta running the global laundry scene from The Good Mothers book. Came as news to me obviously enough. Still it's all about respect in that corner of the world. G-d this is boring. Bye guys. Thanks for logging on. Got verbally attacked by 6 local 'Ndrangheta front line soldiers yesterday on the bank holiday. That's a lot of free intel for me. The same 141 sheep and orange farmers have been running the main HQ in Calabria since the mid C19 is the other end of it all. My New York City Bar is useful at times like this. Why 33B to Ukraine though? a 33rd degree? A Rothschild inheritance fraction? The Q of E, the Privy Council, and the Offshore Jersey Launderers all want me to suicide. The Jewish mafia are all Ukrainians and Russians fighting over Ecstacy though. So the P of A is asking congress for 33b of E? You don't ask you don't get I guess. My Dad's murdered by the RBC now is the point for about a year with no investigation here. They got the gas optimisation wrong on that 0.5b bored ape NFT drop though they say with Ape coin. Get in there before they regulate us out of existence Dapp Technology Agent Network. Solidity and Ethereum are what you learn first they say. 100k is an average wage in this country though. 10,000 or a year or 200 hours? Go figure. The instep part of the foot of Italy is about 50 miles. The Battle of the North Inch decided the Davidson Clan fate. The Castelmares wars of Joey Bananas similarly decided the Cosa Nostra fate in New York. And the Naples mafia the Camorra I think they were called had a woman running it a bit like Davidson for the 'Nrangheta here in Offshore Jersey CI at the RBC. Erminia Giuliano went down in 2000 after being given the chance to apply her make-up and put on her jewellery while being arrested. There are some nice caves in Naples you can visit in your boat if you get the chance but you will need to use the launch because they have a very low stone roof to them. Gregorio Bellocco of the 'Nranghets was put away in 2005 being a significant boss in Calabria at the time. The dreaded words witness protection programme cropped up in The Good Mothers book today. Davidson must be on it. I never have been. It's hard being a blogger artist like this actually. After you blog about something you hit the streets and think everyone knows about and has read what you have just written. It's very very very hard. Sometimes word gets around. Sometimes a cop makes a comment. But only sometimes. You can find yourself at shops, bars, and cafes perplexed in the extreme why you are not greeted by people with an immediate and extreme opinion on your latest offering. You feel like you don't exist for a bit. Then the whole cycle begins again. Completely crushed. There are a few big laws in the US about association with the mafia and criminal enterprises one being called Rico I think, so I have been openly declaring all of my suspicious findings here to the web as I have proceded through my DNA family history research. Davidson, Sholefield, and Clayton are obvious connections to my mind at least and judging from THE GOOD MOTHERS book I referenced here many of my Offshore Jersey CI financial contacts that I was forced to integrate with over 45 years since being defrauded aged 15 in the '70s. I am aware there are extradition laws. Presently my main work is repairing PCs. I have quite a lot of various old broken ones from my internet sales history and motherboards etc from my crypto mining business. My birth family do not associate with me any more. Myron Sugarman youtubes and the Library coin-op photocopier were my big breaks in family research and both happened quite recently. Putting 2 and 2 together was a true aha moment. Then it was just reading. Now knowing the 'Nrangheta run the global laundry business and obviously the local Offshore Jersey CI laundry industry I also owe a vote of thanks to Howard Marks in his My Nice books who details how the Rico laws were the reason he got caught. One of my sisters Canadian common law bothers in law Bernie Rose made a film about him being the cause of my reading his books. So how did the 'Nrangheta take over the Cosa Nostra I hear you ask? Well The Good Mother Book says as and when the 5 families were taken down by Gulliani they paid off all of their Coumbian and Mexican cocaine debts that effectively took over all of the business. Much like my trustees now are paying my car bills and plumbing bills and insurance domain bills possibly after buying me off Barclays Private Bank. Trading in for a Reliant Regal 3 wheeler van and getting a contract to deliver oranges and lemons to the market is obviously the best realistic long term plan. They kidnapped another rich kid about my age in the '70s and after cutting his ear off his grandad gave them $2.2mn which they invested in construction industry trucks hired out to corrupted government officials. The rest is history now really and in 2022 they dominate money laundry worldwide. The 'Nrangheta apostrophe probably derives from a Greek root word letter a. Plus ca change. Obviously now we all know the 'Nrangheta is running the laundry industry worldwide and we are certain of it everything slowly changes. Things are not looking good guys. The 'Nrangheta, the Police, the Q of E, the Privy council, and the locale offshore Jersey launderers now all want me to suicide. For better or worse absolutely any Rothschild descendent like me can easily understand the financial power of the 2022 'Nrangheta. Thailand and Indonesia both have so much of their government debt owned by the 'Nrangheta they are frightened the 'Nrangheta will dump their debt fast on the market and slash its value. Billions of credit gets uploaded to hundreds of online betting accounts. 260mn of cocaine is paid for in Lindt chocolate. Offshore Jersey recently sold government debt of about 1b or 2b. Guess who bought it suckers? It's all in The Good Mothers book by Alex Perry. 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