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Rothschild and Baer descended site owner regulated by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, the Chartered Insitute of Arbitrators, the New York City Bar Association, MASCE MASME MIEEE MIET MBCS, and G-d.

Controlling your finances is a sign of financial abuse which is a type of domestic abuse according to the Jersey Domestic Abuse Support Unit leaflet. $US150,000,000.00 is also 'significant costs' in the words of the trustee Tony Quinn. Note the racist anti Jewish abuse use of his choice of the word 'bearing' in his reply too deploying a deliberate typo insulting my Baer family ancestor name as well as displaying emotional abuse using a deliberate typo of my old school friend Baring's name, all of the above showing his mind full of hate.

Time to set some boundaries before it is too late...

In return for anyone taking over and trasferring renewing the 150 US$1,000,000.00 domains listed above everything imaginable that is both completely legal and very, very, very horrible is to happen to the following list of my money launderers, if possible, please? Smoking, drinking, prescription drugs, and junk food are the first few ideas. With the 50 knowing 50 culture of this 100,000 island and these 50 all being very well connected and influential markets will move. It is common knowledge the 'Ndrangheta control all money laundering operations worldwide now. Partial (2/3) insurance failure. Code Valkyrie. Salut. This is a link to how you can get in the Q for when all of the US150,000,000.00 of domains will expire this year so you can be first in line to snatch them for as little as under 2 bucks first year discount some of them.

Neither LOUISE MARTHA BRACKEN-SMITH, DAVID PEARCE, John Le Masurier Germain, Nicholas Forbes Walker, Donald McKay Reid, ROGER Charles MADDOCK, William Roger King, Gordon Peter Angus, Stephen Andrew Homyard, Christopher Robert Bestaick, Richard Denis Perkins, John Maurice Hullah, nor Susan Carol Munday, wife of John Keith Davies, have replied to my recent inquiry email this 2021 asking for a meeting concerning my missing Rothschild descendant legacy assets. The stamped sealed complaint letter to the Jersey Financial Services Commission went off earlier on today. Promotions have been accounted at the group for Chris Mourant, Daniel Harrison, Vanessa Ferrira, Danielle Bowden, Mark Wernham, Katie Davey-Williams, Ana Freitas, and Mark Hucker.

Neither Anton Swemmer (*), Aynslie Colette Le Brun (*), Marcus Adam Pearce, Anthony John Quinn, Clive Phillip Le Brun Tomes, Robert Taylor, Piers Ross Coke-Wallis, Christine Leroy, nor Anrea Rombaut, are more than likely to get a source of funds reply to their two letters to my Dad as a result of my Data Protection Commissioners Office sustained complaint now.

Neither Paul James Savery, Martin Alan Scriven, Guarin Clayton (*), Jenny Clayton (*), Ashley Stewart Cox, David Blizzard, R Bayman, Laura Bayman, FRANCESCA FREZZA, Alexander Michael Clark Hutchison, Richard Wilkinson Thomas, Adrian Keith Wood, David James Thompson, Michael Peter Farley, Richard Wilkinson, Adrian Keith, Michael Peter, Christopher Roy, Simon James, Allan Francis John, Jillian Arwen Maria, David Martin, Leslie Walter Cunliffe, Marc Anthony Pullman, nor others are very likely to hear much more information from my Dad now after my Jersey Financial Services Commission sustained complaint and them saying sorry in writing either now either.

I should reply to the Jersey Financial Services Commission about Graham Arthur Huelin (*), Morag E Davidson (*), Susan Freeman, Lyndsay Jane Ozanne, Susan Gibaut, Lindsay Walton, Siobhan Dowdall and probably some others sooner rather than later.

With Sonneborn Group connections on one side of my family and Old Calabria connections on the other something had to happen eventually I guess... Cagnano Varano, Province of Foggia, Apulia, Italy Mr & Mrs Miucci Old Calabria and the Runyon Sales Company of coin op machines like copiers in Newark are for better or worse my family heritage connections.

The 'Ndrangheta trademark of my Dad's murder by the RBC here is that we never got to ever see him again after the ambulance took him away. He completely disappeared. If Joe Biden does not intervene I will have him impeached by the US Courts. A call has now been placed to some New York City lawyers.

I just hope the SAS security here can get by on the local 3 inch blade legal limit that's all.

Come to think of it the Queen's Equerry should be able to sort everything out. He was from the same family as my boarding school girlfriend in the early 90s I read in Private Eye once. The Baillie-Hamilton clan. We lived as a Canadian common law couple there for over a year. I think the Equerry is paid good money for the work already.

Got back to my home/office today to find it being raided by PC 473 and PC 486 Log reference incident reference log 28/05/22/876 at about 4pm in the afternoon. I have been trying to mend the bust down door they said they were not obliged to pay for. No Police carpenter ever turned up. I was trained to write notes so I did. The Police here this week said sorry for killing a guy the paper said after deleting the incident reference log number so it seems wise for me to publish mine now today. Last time this happened my local politician investigated and found the incident ref log number deleted and no record of the event in early November 2009. Since that time he was made bankrupt by lawyers' bills. They are not obliged to pay but I think I can fix the door and lock back to a serviceable state myself this evening. The CCTV internal and external survey cameras are unviolated. I found 3 of my laptops had been attacked without being penetrated. It's quite late now. I mended my door and lock myself. The 'Ndrangheta were at the end of a long chain of causation that caused today's raid implicating others as responsible that I know they were not. I do seem to be missing the trousers of one of my best suits after the raid though, so I will be filing a complaint about the two pigs with the Police Complaints Authority here this morning as they are in their office Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning and their office toilets are publically available. Coffee filters missing too today I found. In retrospect I guess they did not expect me to return to the building and catch them red handed having broken in and tossed the place. They were expecting to make a quick getaway and leave me to come home and just find they had been and gone with my door bust open and no carpenter called to fix it with a temp padlock. The Police complaints authority was shut all morning today but I got to look through the door and speak to the intercom with no reply and witness the male toilet being used by a man from the office downstairs not Police he said. So why did they want my suit trousers and my coffee filters is the question? They left 3 of my mobile phones on the clothes laundry machine too. I like to reinstall operating sytems on old devices I get for the environment. I am using one now actually. You can pay 3k for a Macbook here. 800 for a PC/desktop. You can buy this one if you want, this laptop with a new operating system on it. The right mouse click is dysfunctional but you just plug in a usb mouse and keyboard. I will have some phones with new operating systems too shortly I hope. And PCs. As was witnessed in my gig this week the Police raid last shabbat they detuned my guitar and turned low one of my two tone controls on my concert guitar. They must have had it out of the case and fiddled around with it. Why though? And the coffee filters and the suit trousers are gone too. My thoughts are they were intent on psychologically destabilizing me because they thought they would be long gone by the time I returned. Gaslighting they call it in the profession. They hid my accounts buried under a pile of laundry too, and they were here with a van rather than a car. Gets creepier the more I think about it really. Looks like when I was not here to take away they trashed my flat ready for when I would eventually get back to gaslight me on my return. The basement drain pump electric supply failed as soon as the Police left after the Shabbat day raid. The drain repair man agreed that those sort of coincidences simply do not happen.

My thoughts presently are that the Joe Biden administration with all of the power and might of the New World will, over the coming months, be questioning this island's continuing place with Civil International Society. Continuing education within the crypto, solidity dapp, and evm blockchain space is the way on for me and mine. Hardhat and Ethers.js seem to be taking over from Truffle and Web3.js they say.

The Bailiff said he had never heard of the 'Ndrangheta when I challenged him in the street yesterday but agreed with me on that basis that he has to research them given that he now knows they run worldwide laundry and are over the sea from Sicily. So either he is ignorant, which not many top judges are, or he is a coward who will not talk truth to the citizenry, which is possible, or he is 'Ndranghetisti himself like Ian Gorst which seems most likely as they both voted down the tutelle of 7 rights in the change of the tutelle law in 2016 basically abusing every under age kid who has ever or ever will inherit anything here. So there is rot at the top still just like I was told in '94. They are likely mostly all bought for 500,000 here by the 'Ndrangheta just like the BVI Prime Minister was by the Miami Feds. Let's just hope enough of the Joe Biden administration read this. I have found out how to try and sell NFT music MP3s. For some reason than makes me very depressed. I must be brainwashed a bit by them here that means. Most people here want me dead. Not all your NFT drop has to be different artwork I discovered yesterday which is pleasant new knowledge to me. As long as it is not an actual coin that you are selling but an artwork linked coin you are good to go. So now I upload an Mp3 of mine with some png or jpg album cover with an ethereum address, a website marketing url, and some gas fees, and it's all rock and roll. A day in the life of a struggling pop star I guess. It's 5am and I just started work. Got my latest WDDTY journal to read today.

My sibling said by phone she wanted something in email writing even just Ok about the electrical inspection for insurance purposes of my flat. She said verbally she was going to let the electricity bill default to closure after my dad was murdered last year. She said she wanted something in writing about the flat when my dad was murdered too. Something in writing means she is already using lawyers I guess. The flat laundry centers around Barclays and a 1996 paid off 2 bed house fraud by Gauarin Clayton and my dad and some Birmingham lawyers England Kerr Hands who can all be investigated if I, like my dad, am murdered here.

The Queen's cunt and arsehole were regularly inspected by the Dr dad of the guy at school who lent me my first smoke so I hope friends in high places can solve this case without further needless bloodshed.

They were clever at Barclays in '96 looking back. Not surprising they make the wedge they did back then really. Clayton said if you like Jersey we will buy you another house when taking my English house money. I arrived here, they stalled on buying a property, that turned me off the place after leaving countless estate agents details of properties at their Broad Street front desk, and the Clayton then ate and drank for ever and a day.

House insurance should be mandated to be as compulsory as car insurance I found out. It is not presently. One of Ghislaine's boyfriends at our boarding school with a body part he called Errol had an insurance industry Dad at the Norwich. So many families get wrecked with no home insurance it's not funny.

Canada changed her gun law fast over the recent shootings. Open all of the Offshore Jersey bank accounts you can now before they change that law too after this case.

Let them know. Take revenge. This is what it said in my true stories from the concentration camps book Our Crime was Being Jewish somewhere by one of the survivors. I will be back with the page number by sundown. It's by Anthony S. Pitch with a foreword by Michael Berenbaum (hundreds of holocaust survivors tell their stories). Proves I am not a paranoid really or Freddy Cohen ever was. Half of you here don't believe any of it ever even happened. It's page 209 --- Chaim Engel in an interview with Sandra Bradley for the USHMM film Testimony, RG-50.042*0009

I have spent 50 years being laundered now just about since 15 in the 70s. Over that time laundry has changed from 10 or 20 different organised crime groups to the 'Ndrangheta of 2022 sub contracting 97% of the laundry world wide for others. All of the criminal communities eggs are in one basket now. The implications are the implications. In a way it's all riding on red now, not on 10 or 20 different roulette numbers.

Well I kept on chugging till the end of the road through thick and thin like they said and my business is back just about to where it was before the first ransomware attack a few weeks back. I will be getting a price bot going again soon in a crypto currency and setting it at every 3, 5, 7, or 9 seconds. I have not decided yet. It's just more work, work, work, now holding my position. The most dreaded orders.

I have come back stronger and a bit wiser than I was before. I know what I want to build now and how to do it. I know it really does not matter when people like Quinn, and Scholefield, and Clayton are killed in the crossfire or their wives given aids or hiv or something worse with an arranged affair. I know people learn off me as I learn and I am valued if only for that. I know the pigs don't always knock now. I know the price of an offshore head of state. I know the most powerful Bailiff in the world is a Bailiff.

You need the billion dollar idea, the skills to implement it, the time, the health, the infrastucture, and the funding in a recession like the one that is just starting I have decided.

I have got such a lot of code to write I am trying not to work now so I don't get overloaded and burned out.

It's been total abuse of process and abuse of the legal system for years here now. Any reaction of depression, or anger, or passion in any way is seen as suicide, or murder, or sexually criminal. They continue to provoke, and tease, and bully in any way they can in an off the record way, and bill me and bill me and bill me for financial services I was forced to buy under duress. Do not ever do any business with Offshore Jersey CI is my conclusion and may well now also get me murdered like my Dad by the RBC and Barclays here for even saying it. So even that will be seen as a suicide bid. Abuse of process is what it is called in law I think, i.e. that is not what the law was written for. A kind of Kabbalah or Talmud aspect of ratio decidendi rather than obiter dictum. If you did not understand that do not worry. It's very high up level legal language. Enough top beaks should be able to figure it out though.

Getting my opinions validated by loads of people here is a bit like getting blocks validated by blockchain in a way. It's far from one confidential opinion of one judge like the new tutelle law demands rather than the old committee of 7 electeurs or trustees before they bought the change of tutelle law here from Gorst in '16. I, like most people, am much happier dealing with 7 people in an open way rather than 1 bailiff in confidence. They twist your words with their giant intellects and lock you in with your forced trust in them. They learned too well from their Nazi collaboration days in ww2 I think. It's a shit country to be different in any way this one or have any kind of personality or anything individual or anything emotional about you. Avoid it if at all you possibly can. Anything sounding depressed you are moody and suicidal then treated and/or locked up. Anything angry in any way similarly you are violent and considered a psychopath. Look at anyone other than their shoes you are considered a sexual predator. It really is an abuse of process shit country. If my Mum had not withdrawn my cash from aged 15 to 25 from '77 to '87 I would never have had to ask for any trust fund.

It's all a sordid tale of tommy guns, jazz, and speakeasies come back to haunt us for life really. It's like ak47s, rap, and crackhouses never happened.

Sometimes in life it's just between you and G-d. I told the nurse all about my US150mn problem today and she said she would brief the team on Wednesday morning meeting team talk time.

Thought the cops took my mobile smartphone so I complained to the bailiff but later on found it in a cupboard. No point not declaring that somewhere. Got a nice alcohol free beer to keep me company and the sound of a neighbour learning violin.

I grew up with this guy in London and even stayed at his Oxford University house a few times so I can't understand why the YouTube video above only had 1 view per month for the last 8 when I viewed it today.

This guy was my boss in Hollywood when I worked as an intern on the internet from '99 for many years. (For Joey). He gave me the internet audition role that admitted me to Equity eventually in fact.

You have played your last card, Ian Gorst, your last hand, your last game. You are a loser and you have lost. Adieu.

Major Peirson, like many of the soldiers of his generation, was a paid mercinary we are pretty sure we have found out. Offshore Jersey is now run by none other than the 'Ndrangheta in laundry circles, the Lieutenant Governor works for a Royal family of known paedophiles, the foreign affairs minister is a financial affairs child molestor for ruining the old tutelle law here in '16, and the bailiff is retarded as he claimed in the street to me to know nothing about the 'Ndrangheta which any bailiff should. Never kill an American is the number 1 law of the drug world and you murdered my Dad. There is an ex centenear PC working at the Up & Down bar where I played guitar once who had never even heard of Ronnie Biggs when we talked either which is useful intelligence as to the quality of the Police Detective Force here. Also there is another ex centenear PC working at the local synagogue who had never heard of the Society of Expert Witnesses when we talked there, another telling sign of Police Detective Force quality.

They don't even ask foreign countries when they install a bug in your car there either or disallow the evidence from them as evidenced in the Curtis Warren case a few years ago. Anyone in the world could have an Offshore Jersey Police bug in their car and your local police not notified about it is the logical inference and implication and extrapolation. They are a menace to global peace, society, and security.

Got rid of a dodgy laptop OS today. Using my right of return I have decided to deny the EU access to any Israeli gas until the 3 419 frauds I was victim of here in 78, 96, and this year are sorted out. Putin is not the only main man on this Earth.

Got 3 laptops done now with 5 left to go and 4 smartphones left to do. 3 laptop refurbs for sale I guess including this one.

Queen's House St Saviour, HMP La Moye, the Royal Court, the RBC, the RBS, the Royal Jersey Golf Club, and now the Royal Paedo Family because Offshore Jersey has all been drilled over the last few sex abuse inquiries to know that Paedo activity runs in families. Rename them all? Pardon Ghislaine? Pardon Epstein? Quit?

I have not really got that many secure places left now so I am making a memo to myself here on this US$150mn website to use
a crowdfunding app to raise the £4,000 a year it needs to stay afloat. I still have 2 months to get it done and crowdfunding app share issues when done right can be real quick.

The plural of "appointments" is used in a misleading way. There was only one appointment in question to arrive at his office one afternoon any time up till 5pm. I had returned his phone call and was willing and ready to discuss everything on the phone but he said he would only give me all of the details in his office and not on the telephone. "Decision may be made" seems to indicate a literacy challenge. I am in good spirits and well insured. I had definitely never intended to come out publicly with any of my last 3 weeks of stress after discovering the Police break in but Prince Harry just made billions out of mental health and was a soldier volunteer once like me although not a Deferred Greenjacket like I was as far as I know.

I got 14 days grace from Ronnie to clear out my flat before handing over a key same afternoon as getting this cease and desist email email. He returned from a tribunal of his today he said. Two days later I have changed the locks and door furniture arrangement around a bit for $15 in parts and three hours in time ready to hand over a key on July 4th. If they come to the door again they will see I am ready to comply hopefully and with any luck.

Next day after getting the email cease and desist email Locum Ronnie emails both me and my sibling knowing I cannot email him back. Typical bullying behaviour of the 'Ndragheta business practices if you study the Alex Perry book The Good Mothers out last year.

I spent 4 years involved with various aspects of the Gravelly Hill M6 interchange (not Mi6, better known as Spaghetti Junction) from summer 1987 till summer 1991. I had other jobs both before and after but those 4 years were the 4 years I cut my engineering teeth, as they say.

The day would not be over without a quick shout out to all of my friends who have helped me over the last 3 weeks since the Police break in. You all know who you all are, there is no need to name and shame any of you.

Sorry guys. I spoke too soon. Looks like they will be taking me away tomorrow to some ward somewhere because I have failed to clean up my flat in time. Because I have failed to clear up adequately Rudy the electrician will be unable to perform the electrical inspection required by the two neighbouring flats insurance policy. My policy is adequate but without insurance for the other two flats mortgages and life insurance payments for morgages becomes difficult I seem to mostly remember from my mortgage days. So they need my flat contents dumping at La Collette. That is the easiest way for them to get Rudy to be happy to do the electrical survey for the insurance for the other two neighbour flats. By sectioning me under the mental health act for being a danger to my two flats neighbours they get me and my stuff out fast at 10am tomorrow and the insurance bought real quick. I still need to do some washing up and kitchen cleaning. I need to fill 25 crates and get them into the locked shed. I need to disconnect everything electrical apart from this lifeline laptop. I need to sweep, hoover, and clean the bath and toilet. 14 hours from now it will all be too late. They want their insurance. Shopping around for a policy that does not need a survey appears a non starter. With me out of the way in some ward somewhere the flat will get sold off I would imagine. I will be discharged homeless which is something they are not allowed to do but do routinely into the shelters. But by then everyone will be insured. It's a tough sale I know but they have done it. I had 3 weeks since the Police raid after all. They can't complain. We do all of the weeks aquittals at 10am on Mondays in Court 2 at the Magistrates Court. Worth going along as the new public court obverver at that time to catch a few. I might well be in Broadmoor by then. Don't frack with any 'Ndrangheta like I did. They always get their own back.

They are busting up my family with as much family law as they can buy. It's sad. Even my sister has now said I do not have a tenancy. She also says my US150mn crowdfunding business plan is fantasy to get the US$5.5k a year it needs in 2 months to stay afloat. The facts are the reversionary tenancy was signed by my parents 6 years after moving down here and moving in 6 years after my paid off house funds were put into the Barcays Private Bank Trust and 6 years after the house sale where I was promised a job and a property if I liked the place after my 1996 law courts case I started as a litigant in person MAS Poole v Barclaytrust. That was all in the '90s though before the 'Ndrangheta sort of took over and took control of most of the laundry businesses worldwide.

I am dealing with a community psychiatric nurse and an enviromental health safety officer and a fire brigade officer and an electrical inspector today. I will be glad when the day is over to be quite honest. At least it is a Monday I guess. Happy Mondays.

The day is done. I am still free. A shout out to my friends who all know who they all are without being named by this one time candidate from Poisoned Wells note 44 of chapter 5. Though the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 did outlaw bribery, and this was followed up by the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Officials in International Business Transactions, which entered into force in 1999, France ratified the convention only three years later (and the United Kingdom, disgracefully ratified it only in 2002).

I think recent events in the BVI are a good example of exactly what happens when something goes wrong with the laundry powder in one of these offshore laundry places. The PM was replaced after some global media reporting, 500,000 was established as the going rate of an offshore head of state, and the washing machines and tumble driers carried on rolling around in their 247 non stop way. My murdered lawyer type Dad got replaced fast too last year and the talk of the town and scandle was soon forgotten just like the 500,000 BVI case. He was some lawyer like I will be remembered as some Jew really. Persil soon regained its reputation after a glitch a few years back and the incident that depressed its reputation for a bit is lost in the mists of time now.

Dear Bailiff, Lieutenant Governor, and Chief Minister, You have impotency for all of your 20 somethings, £125mn of cost, and 1 death to look forward to now they told me to tell you. Release the Rothschild and Baer 1966 legacy. Welcome to your first day of work ever and may there be plenty more.

Ronnie did not know what a kosher businessman was when we talked and just asked what kosher meant. A woman I met recently had never heard of Princess Diana.

I never enjoyed much of my life in Offshore Jersey. From '96 I had to live with a 2 bed property fraud. From '77 with an inheritance fraud at Vignette and Chaumiere. My other lives in other countries were Ok though both working and on holiday.

A quick note to the two Hannahs in my life. Rothschild has pulled out of Austria 100%. Rothschild sold out Guernsey to HBOS a decade ago. The largest ever ransom was paid in Austria to exit just before ww2 by Rothschilds. So far I am down by my chattels and a pretty certain US$150mn deal in Offshore Jersey with my Dad murdered. Send my regards to Jem and Richard. Everyone with any Rothschild or any Baer family DNA to live up to should stick together I think.

If this vague clue gets through to just one person it will be worth writing this paragraph. My Dad always used to say the UK conservatives were much like the US democrats. Blue is now the color of both groups. Obamacare costs money so he was right.

I guess I have been opening up some of my old septic wounds and rubbing salt in them. It was painful for a bit. Anyway having read this page it seems Kosher, Diana, the 'Ndrangheta, the Society of Expert Witnesses, and Ronnie Biggs, are the 5 main subjects I am deeply concerned the Old Bill here does not seem to know anything about. I was reading David Courtney today about how the Old Bill used to sometimes drop a coin in a phone box on the way to work and pretend to be a target of theirs grassing someone up. I also know from another book they often sell the narcotics they confiscate back to other dealers. I also know they often carry what they call a first aid kit in their cars being a gun to leave at the crime scene if they kill an anarmed villain. They just put the first aid kit in the dead villlains hand to get their prints on it. If this paragraph gets though to even just one soul it will have been worth writing. 4th of July they are coming to take everything away after the Police breaking in on a Saturday. Infer what you want from that.

Goody said in his memoirs the reason screws are called screws that you must all pretend you knew already after reading this paragraph Ok? Modern handcuffs are all ratchet designs where as within living memory they were operated by metal screw type mechanisms that were incidentally much easier to pick out of. Could not resist telling you all that. Pretend you always knew Ok? That's the deal.

It's badly upset one of my music industry friends very close to me what Ronnie said he was going to do on the 4th of July last Monday June 20th outside my apartment. He said I have 2 weeks to save whatever contents of mine I can putting them into storage then he is going to get a key to the place and clear out everything in there he called decluttering. The clutter as he puts it includes a Korg synth, a Yamaha pianola, two double basses, two 6 string fretless basses, a cello, an electric cello, two Fender guitars, several other guitars incliding an Ibanez, two combo amps, a mic stand, a mic, a laptop with recording suites on it for home studio recording like Sony Acid and others, the home music recording studio contents of what he called clutter goes on and on. I have told Andy Warnock of the Musicians Union and he agreed to phone Ronnie. I have heard back nothing since. Similarly I have heard back nothing from my email approach to the British Medical Council to file a complaint. I put a music mp3 nft I am selling on Finance.Florist if anyone cannot quite believe any of this. I have also emailed the Equity Union and the National Farmers Union details of my problems and given them Ronnie's phone number as he said he would welcome a call from my representative. I heard a lot of hearsay about a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell from our boarding school house 6th form called Andrew Davies having got mixed up with heroin dealing from Jem Gibb of Offshore Jersey before he became a Judge which might be the cause of all of this local progrom of hate against me. After about 2 weeks I got a reply and here is a link to the GMC complaint pdf I just had to file today.

Still no reply after 7 working days. Offshore Jersey is notorious for its cover ups. I just hope the Biden Administration reads this soon enough. We still have time but not that much anymore. Here is a link to the unwanted invitation to consult a Shrink that caused the BMC complaint effort. My medical problem was agonising intermittent torsioned testicle and always has been since puberty in the '70s.

I gave my Dad my safety syringe rights and my paid off 2 bed house money in return for my flat and bills for life and finally getting income from my trust. The flat and the fund are mine and the bills paid. Details of the safety syringe can be found at this link: As chair of The Poole Organisation in Jersey in the Channel Islands, Michael Poole was involved with the development of the Auto Disable Syringe with the World Health Organization, Unicef and the White House from 1991 to 1993.

I don't talk too much but with my Dad murdered here last year and the gov emptying my flat of 10,000 worth of contents next Monday 4th July they are going to corruptly sell I will be taking a few people down with me I have decided before I am made destitute. My Dad wrote the kidney medicine patent that made Kevin Leech his first big 60mn fortune. He was never asked to be a director though, he told me some of what Leech did was outright criminal, and that Leeches mobsters had checked with him if he had pro liability insurance before deciding not to sue him. He retired from the Leech mob 3 months before the bankruptcy. Deciding to empty my flat on the 4th of July will be looked back on in history as the worst mistake the Queen of England administration has ever made.

Judge Jerry Gibb told me before he took to the bench about a kiddie porn link with Buckingham Palace. I though he was telling me lies just getting me to talk to the law about what he had lied to me about. Andrew Davies was the alleged criminal. He was in our 6th form at our boarding school house Preshute of 70 in the '70s and was a close friend of mine and Ghislaine Maxwell at the time. Heroin was also mentioned as hearsay as something he had got mixed up with. So I told his Mum by phone. I got a phone call back and he said he had been horrid to me at school because I gave him his first cigarette. He told me at the time though that he had used many cigarettes before that time in the Preshute Church graveyard so I gave him a Winston. 4 years later we had a witnessed bath together and appreciated each others bodies in a legal way. The bathroom area had two baths in it as well as two wcs and two urinals. That was the sum total of our relationship. His mother said he knew everybody in '95 so I can only gather he was very well socially connnected by the time we spoke on the phone in '95. The Ghislaine Maxwell trial did not mention the Andrew Davies connection or Judge Jerry Gibb in the media that I noticed. He was a keen rackets player. Our boarding school had one of the few rackets courts in the country. Prince Andrew is obviously connected to the whole Andrew Davies network. On the 4th of July I am being evicted and having all of my worldly goods confiscated by the Queen of England administration here. I was given an unlimited immigration stamp (U/L) to the US in my Canada passport in '88 that I still have in my possession that is in danger of being dumped along with all of my belongings on July 4th by the Queen of England administration here. It seems likely they will sell off all of my professional musical instruments I use to earn with the PRS. Heroin and kiddie porn therefore seem to have been available to the UK Royal Family and the Maxwell family from Andrew Davies from the Preshute house of our boarding school. My prevous address was 25 Station Road B17 9LP that I swapped for 2 Victoria Apartments JE2 4QY with my safety syringe design rights with my Dad. I am the owner yet I am being evicted and sequestrated of all of my worldly goods. G-d kill the Queen.

I had only recently qualified MIHT when I was informed about the IRA cell working on the UK side of the Channel Tunnnel Project in 1989. I told an MP about it at a Christian businessmans dinner I had been invited to. He said it would not be that serious as there were going to be two tunnels so at least one would always remain open. I left the matter at that. I had been working at the British Airways Birminham Airport Terminal 2 Laing Midlands construction contract as a seconded engineer from Sir Owen Williams.

The Marshalls that were the owners of Bar fruit machines in the '80s had a dog called Hepsibar that bit me but I was her second target so she was destroyed. They later sold Bar fruit machines and bought something else. They had dinner with my parents in the Bistro in Rozel in Offshore Jersey and got along like a house on fire in their words. My dad worked for Xerox making coin op copiers for Americans at one time so I guess the coin op aspect of all machines interested them all. Coin op machines are often used for money laundering. The 'Ndrangheta now run the laundry industry that runs Offshore Jersey under the patronage of the Queen of England administration. The bar fruit machine Marshall family should be able to put all interested parties in touch with the 'Ndrangheta here I would imagine now my dad is murdered so cannot. My mother cannot testify in court because she is so ill she has got my sibling to run everything including my two level flat.

Our naked bodies touched while I was in bed with Rupert Vaughan-Williams here in Offshore Jersey when he was 21 and I was 20 at La Rocher on St Catherine's hill in the late summer of 1982.

Anyone who has read this far will presently be nervous what my next move will be. I have been in deep thought in a car park and was blessed with a highly penetrating insight into my situation. Never give away the farm or bet the farm was my Hollywood training so I am fixed. At my age bad crack happens regularly like a diagnosis of cancer or heart disease. The longer you live the more shit happens is what you have to learn in the end. Shit has gone down but what goes down goes up. I am still learning more and more solidity and ethers.js. I need to build myself a bridge between euphoria and depression. Bit like sitting on the extreme left at 21 on the ferries so you know what the banker is likely to do coz you can see everyone elses chances when that last card is twisted or stuck. There was never much point paying full price for the ferries. Enough said.

I have only ever bought wine one bottle at a time. Guarin Clayton bought two different bottles of wine at the Co-op after Barclays work when I observed him shopping there once.

CU later in the members only chatroom guys. Remember on a shared screen Zoom call they can click your wallet button, if open, and empty your account by just inserting one of their account addresses at Coinbase Wallet. MyEtherWallet. Trust Wallet. ZenGo. StakedWallet.io. Exodus. Hyperledger. Ambire Wallet. etc...

I am not too sure about some urgent emails I am getting telling me to update various passords to various websites. I think they are fishing emails. I am not answering them or even opening them.

I have had nurses say that they would shoot me for a tenner and that they are allowed to break every bone in my body in pursuit of their treatment of me and police say they are allowed to damage my property if they think it is part of their job so yesterday I concluded that any nurse or police aged 30+ most certainly has already done those things to more than just a few of their clients. Concerns need to be raised in writing and the most effective way to do this is by using our Online Concern Form. If you are not able to use this form, you can raise a concern by email to practise@gmc-uk.org or by post to Fitness to Practise Team General Medical Council 3 Hardman Street Manchester M3 3AW

My faithful ex centenear barman at the up and down is badly spooked. He said he did not know what was going on so I just told him to pretend he does like everybody else. Turned out he only did a year or two in the law.

I will be defending my pinkie and property on July 5th at 8am when the builders say they are going to enter my property with my sister and Roddie the Locum Nurse and take away all of my property with what they call a decluttering operative over a contract of 2 days paid for by my sister. They changed the day over from July 4th. The decluttering contractor said the 4th, Ronnie said the 4th, I had to agree the 4th, then my sister gives me an email saying the 5th after the Anti American aspect had surfaced on this website that Ronnie followed up with an approval email to us both. That is intelligence I have just given you. American intelligence.

This link is a welcome present to the new female Chief Minister here from my family. We live in their buildings, work in their companies, shop in their stores, eat in their restaurants and elect politicians they fund. Founded more than 150 years ago by shepherding families in the toe of Italy, the 'Ndrangheta is today the world's most powerful mafia, with a crushing presence in Southern Italy, a market-moving size in global finance and a reach that extends to 50 countries around the world. And yet, remarkably, few of us have ever heard of it.

The flat got 90% emptied tuesday and wednesaday. One of the remover men got beaten up by a gang of 7 and hospitalised. I got to keep the key because my insurers will not let me hand it over and get a hotel like Ron wanted. I am safe. The electrcal survey has been completed. All of my musical instruments and clothes and computers and half my books have been stored offsite.

Locum CPN Ron Mubwiliza is currently controlling me with this blackmail deepfake photo linked here presently.

Here is a Guardian link to current deepfake photos state of the art law.

Blatant coercion and extortion by the 'Ndrangheta state here following the recent blackmail attempt. Someone out there do something please? The whole place is totally clean. He seems very anti German, he knows we are Rothschild descended, and he forbade me to email him.

Blatant breach of Covid-19 medical confidentiality in this email received by me and my sister from Locum CPN Ron Mubwiliza makes me feel completely unsafe in his clutches. It is a crude demonstation of 'Ndrangheta state power to me trying to say we can do this to the cleaner so just think what we can do to you. How many people has he told about any of my implied alleged conditions for instance? The email is overt attempted 'Ndrangheta state terror in fact.

Corrupt foreign officials were for most of last century allowed to bank their corruption payments in Switzerland, the UK, and the US. The way it works is the Psychiatrist likes to "review" your medication (in the words of Ron Mubwiliza) every few years to change the drugs. The reason is the big pharma corporations offer the Drs a healthy bribe every time a new patient is newly signed on to one of their products. So Ron's boss Dr Yasmeen for instance with me this year is looking at a healthy bribe check from big pharma perfectly legally banked somewhere for changing my drug. It's all basically a highly confidential Ponzi scheme of needless pyramid selling based on getting more and more needless changes of drugs needlesly prescribed.

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