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How I buy my own insurance, by Mike Poole MASCE MASME MIEEE MIET MBCS ACIARB

Don't expect the personnel department to plan your career. Never write a nasty memo. Don't have a drink with the gang. Don't smoke. Skip all office parties. Don't take work home from the office. Don't get buddy buddy with your superiors. Don't hide an elephant. Never surprise your boss. Never let a good boss make a mistake. Never panic. Never lose your temper. Don't go over budget. Never underestimate an opponent. Don't be an empire builder. Do not get discouraged by the idea killers. All lessons I have learned from a very well known Harvard Business School case study.

Insurance is what makes the business world go round. Insurance is what we all want to buy. Insurance is for normal people to buy who cannot afford to fund their own personal loss. Insurance is a club, your turn to pay, my turn to pay. I have bought all I can now. This is not financial advice for other people. Just me.

When I was 15 in the 1970s I inherited a fortune from Rothschild and Baer family descendents. Unluckily for me I was swindled offshore in Jersey Channel Islands and spent my life deprived and impoverished. My sister got a cut but I did not. It was an Orthodox will leaving me 66%. It was written when I was only 4 and ci4 net was called ci4 net just to rub it in I think. That is what it must be like for a calamity to occur in your life and find that you have no insurance I have decided. My life being destroyed at 15 can at 60 being my age now at least encourage people to buy insurance. A calamity has been transformed into something positive after 45 years of suffering.

The Good Mothers by Alex Perry details how the global money launderer systems of all the classical organized crime groups have been taken over 90% by the 'Ndrangheta mafia of Calabria in South Italy. Recovering my fortune is now an anti 'Ndrangheta task and my Dad was murdered here in Jersey Channel Islands to stop him implicating the criminal activities here of the last 45 years. Google will not even approve this article more than likely. If you ever get a chance to buy insurance buy it is what I say to myself. My own advice for me. This is not financial advice for other people. I have less rights than a modern 1st world farm animal.

The sad truth is that I will also be murdered soon, or worse, just like my Dad to stop me implicating everyone over the last 45 years who have now risen to high and influential positions in society here and globally, or simply retired.

Remember Jersey Channel Islands is run by the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta now. Use any of the Italian restaurants here to find out the main players. A copy of Treasure Islands by Shaxson has been withdrawn from lending availability at the local library. My hosing admin page has suddenly become impossible to use. Infer what you must. I need 2 members to get me into Radio H-P. Funbridge.com is where a Prince Harry X plays cards, but my influential boarding school chums will probably only remember me for hanging a bull's skull on the outside of my study bedsit door for a year. I have picked up a lot of French from listening to French radio alone down here for years, so I think I am well placed to put a deal together with Elf Oil, Gabon, Congo, and my network of old offshore accounts. It's not really all that funny but money talks and you get 33k in grants just for relocating to Calabria now if you are under 40 because the 'Ndragheta has driven so many people away. Luckily enough though while 17 at boarding school I published a scandelous newsletter called Not Yet the Times that got me in heaps of trouble with all sorts of people. All I have to worry about now in equal measures are my sister, the nurse, the local 'Ndrangheta laundry clan, the local Freemasons' lodges, and the clan of Giovanni Brusca of the Cosa Nostra who blew up Judge Giovanni Falcone. This is what they called rock bottom I guess.

Call me on +44 1534 630 403 if you want work as an intern as long as you supply your own insurance somehow. I can't legally employ people uninsured even as interns.

The only people who can lead me to my Dad's killers are the sons of Franco Coco Trovato who are running things up in Milan now their Dad is inside. That is where the trail leads and ends.

Shema Yisrael. I was paying my respects yesterday at the Jewish graveyard here and noticed a syringe had been left there by someone in amongst the gravestones for some reason. There is absolutely nobody that I can tell.

In pursuit of bringing my sister's total domination of my family under control since the murder of my Dad last year I have secured a list of 5 or 10 offshore client blue chip companies who have achieved huge growth over the past years because they pay so little tax rather than because of the price or quality of their goods or services. News Corporation and KPMG are on the list. My source will also be revealed so I don't get killed. It's basic competition law. Other entities include Citigroup, ExxonMobil, Suez, Standard Chartered, Citibank, and HSBC. My sister enjoys pension rights in at least one of the client list. The source was an International Associate of the American Bar Association for 13 years.

I was offered a place to read Physics at Imperial in the late '70s. It's not fair to let you all think you are dealing with a fall guy, patsy, sucker. Draw...

I am not sure how paranoid I really am. The Queen had her two mentally ill cousins declared legally dead and my sisters common law husband wrote the Divine Right biography of her. The fortune I should have inherited via Rothschilds and Baers at 15 in the '70s never reached me because it got laundered into Offshore Jersey Barclays and RBC. The bag of gold too heavy for me to lift never reached me. My black neighbours moving in gave my Dad heart failure the next day. And I was swindled out of my earned house in '96 which also got laundered here. My trustees deny their trust cash was ever mine, and they have pulled out of supporting a 1b deal that was only shy of 4k claiming it would have been too expensive. My sister says I have to pay for flat repairs before she pays me for them. And the launderers here have had totalitarian control of all of my inheritance and house cash since '96. It is all a bit like the current state of the Barclay brothers case. The family is split so the funds have dried up. It is now 410 too but that is just a coincidence I think. Maybe some sort of external event will happen that will change things is what I am hoping. A cure to corruption maybe.

You certainly can go out on your own way in the 'Ndrine a pentito said in a book as long as you pay the 40% pizzo to your protectors, and the Camorra, the Mafia, and the 'Ndrangheta all co operate very very very closely. I have got work to do though that cannot wait so it is likely my Dad's murder will remain unsolved.

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